Ex-PM Berlusconi

Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi is gone, finally. And replaced by an economist, Mr Monti.

But, is Mr Berlusconi gone? As an article in The Guardian by Roberto Saviano mentioned, Berlusconi-ism is still present in Italy. Also, as the country has to reform, and this will hurt people, I think Berlusconi might come back by the next election as people might remember that his government was stable and people earned money and had a better time (most people's long-term memory works only for good things while the bad things are forgotten). I think Mr Berlusconi and his party might hope people will hate the present government with its technocrats and remember that each time the Left was in power in recent years, politicians try to reduce the deficit, therefore hurting the people. (But each time Berlusconi was not re-elected, the new government had to correct the bad decisions made by the government of PM Berlusconi as Mr Berlusconi only worked for its own interests.) Still I think his party hopes people will turn again towards him and his party.

My advice to the Italians: don't vote for Berlusconi when he tries to win the next elections. Mr Berlusconi is hurt and angry that he lost his power and that people were celebrating his downfall. He also might blame the powerful for not supporting him when he was in troubles and he needed their support while he probably finds he did so much for them. He might find the powerful and ordinary people betrayed him. He might want revenge.

Of course, Mr Berlusconi might try to continue his influence and power behind the curtains, the most dangerous place to have power as you are not accountable for what you are doing and people often don't even know you have the power.

Today I read on the BBC website an article about Mr Berlusconi. People from his party made an official police complaint because in a small town (Ozzano dell'Emilia) people burned the past (2011) and gave the past the face of Mr Berlusconi. This shows there is anger within that party about the fact that Mr Berlusconi was ousted. Some political commentators even think he might try to become the Father of the Country, the President. Others think it is over for Mr Berlusconi as he gets too old. But we still forget people are getting older and older and continue working (certainly when in power) as long as they are healthy.

So, regarding the future of Mr Berlusconi, we will see what the future will bring... . But I hope he will enjoy his retirement.


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