Kew Garden

Finally, after months being unwell, and sometimes really being ill, I found for myself what I am having and I'm now threating me for it. I am sure I soon will be much better.

Today I met Budhi, and together we went to Kew Garden. It was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining and it was quite warm, although there was a cold wind that was sometimes unpleasant. As Budhi is a member of the garden, he could invite a friend for free, me, and I really enjoyed the day. We had a laugh and walked around happily from one orangerie towards another. We also walked on a platform high between the trees, and saw many fishes in the waters.

As can be seen, there are beautiful flowers at Kew Garden. A few of them: orchids and meat-eating plants. Then outside (and inside) there are waterfalls with plants around them. In some areas, water lillies can be found as can be seen in the last picture here. These are very large and have beautiful flowers as can here be seen. The garden is worth seeing if it was not that expensive to enter (about £12.00, while other gardens in London are for free and there too are flowers such as St.-James' and Regents Park).

Not only flowers can be seen, the garden is also world-renowed for the architecture, especially the orangeries, but there is also a Japanese Tower and some romantic buildings.

A few of the buildings have an exhibition or are an art gallery. One of the buildings has pictures from a women who travelled the world to paint all kind of plants. It is simply beautiful all those strong colours (see picture). Another building also has paintings of flowers, but then as correct as possible as it was for education.
So, I then walked to Richmond, about 2 km from Kew Garden, went here to a restaurant and then I went home, writing this story before going to bed. Till next time.

Ik ben naar Kew Garden gegaan. Zoals je op de foto's kunt zien zijn hier prachtige planten te bewonderen. De inkom is wel zeer duur, echter, ik kon gratis naar binnen omdat ik uitgenodigd was door een vriend die een jaarabonnement heeft en also iemand gratis mee kan nemen. We gingen ook naar een tentoonstelling van schilderijen die een vrouw maakte. De kleuren hier waren buitengewoon. In een andere tentoonstelling waren ook schitterende tekeningen te zien, maar deze waren voor wetenschappelijk gebruik en dus een beetje saaier.

Nadien ging ik naar Richmond, een wandeling van ongeveer 2 km. Hier had ik een avondmaal vooraleer ik terug naar huis ging. 's Nachts begon het te regenen.


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