First two weeks of April

I went on the 4th of April to Edinburgh for a conference, hardly saw anything of the city and flew to Belgium due to illness. In Belgium I was seen by doctors, however, they didn't really find what was wrong (something with my guts). Now I am taking self-medication (herbal), and I am feeling already much better.

In the meanwhile I was able to take some photos. Where I come from you have many castles and it is the main center in Belgium for the production of fruit. Around this time of the year many trees had flowers, and it is really beautiful in the hilly landscape. I enclosed some photos of the flowers and castles with details to show what I mean.

Castle from Ordingen in Belgium Limburg. It belonged to the 'German Guild' that looked after the belongings from people fighting at crusades. Recently bought and now being restored. Only part of the complex is shown.

The first picture shows the castle of Ordingen, now from a distance whereby can be seen that it is surrounded with fruit trees and a small river around it. The second picture shows the other direction. Both were taken in the evening. The other photos were taken
during a walk. The weather was beautiful and I was walking together with my brother Steve.

We saw the church of Zepperen in the distance, and everywhere trees and their flowers leading the eye towards this building.

At other places, on the top of hills, there were more trees, low and high ones full with flowers. Unfortunately, a lot of the trees had already lost there flowers. Nevertheless, even then it remains a beautiful area.

Another castle, this time about 30 min drive from Sint-Truiden, near the Dutch border, not far from Maastricht. It is in a place called Neder-Canne, this year in competition for winning the title 'Most beautiful village of Flanders'. Again, beautiful landscapes with those hills and nature. Here is also a vineyard.

This was a little information from the area I come from, beautiful and quite. One does not always have to go to Italy to see amazing places.


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