My first blog

I just started my first blog. I hope that I will use it as I am not that good in writing.

A short summary of myself, later you will know more about me. I was born in Sint-Truiden, Flanders, Belgium. This is a small town in the East of Flanders, Dutch speaking part of the country. To have an idea, there is a direct street to the better known city Liege in Walloon, the French speaking part of Belgium. I studied in Leuven (Rega School, Chemistry) and Brussels (Vrije Universiteit van Brussel, Biomedical Sciences), whereby I did my final year in London (King's College London). Then I continued my studies at the Universiteit van Gent where I did my Ph.D. in Medical Sciences. Finally, I went back to London and worked as a scientist at King's College London, and I did some teaching. Now I am working at King's College London and ReNeuron.

I like London, always wanted to return after I went back to Belgium. Now that I am here again, I am enjoying it: when the weather is nice, I go to the park, have great cappuccinos in the afternoon while I go for a drink in the evening and sometimes I go clubbing, mainly in clubs were they play R&B.

Next time more.


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