Going out

Thursday evening, after work, out with some friends as usual. In London, people like to go out for a drink on a Thursday after work, after that the weekend starts and many have to be with partner and kids. But on Thursday, the kids can cook their own meal (or may be the grand parents are prepared to look after them).

Yesterday, Friday, I went to Vauxhall clubbing. It was a very relaxed and exiting atmosphere. I had lots of fun dancing on the sound of good music and meeting some people (one of which I know from Flickr as one of my friends). I think I will return next month as it is only ones a month.

And today I have to go to a birthday party. First I will meet a friend of me, Edward, and then we will go together to the club Coco Latte where the party will be held. It will be the first time I'm going there, but I heard it is a nice place. Will let hear more about it in my next blog if it is worth going there.


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