Controversial interview pioneer anti-discrimination organisation

The previous head of Belgium's anti-discrimination agency minimalised discrimination 

Over a week ago, yes, in June 2019, the previous head of the federal anti-racism organisation said that LGBTs (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans) but also women in short skirts should not go to certain areas (such as Molenbeek) where they are not welcome. What to expect from a priest who studied at seminar at LGBTs should hide themselves, just as many priests hide their own sexuality? Further, since decades he leads the integration centre of Molenbeek, the place where the Belgium terrorists grew up and his reaction suggests he never questioned when people disagreed with the norms of our society, i.e. LGBTs and women are equal to any other good people. Don't educate and people remain stupid.

The Love-that-dare-to-speak-its-name often frightens people
Later on the radio his female successor defended him (maybe she's a nun?) and said that we should patience for another 50 years, the time it took for the West so long to accept LGBTs. She is right that even today some who claim to defend our western values are in fact people who want a return to Christian values, including the suppression of LGBTs while women should listen to the wisdom of men. But no, people, certainly those who are born here, should learn at school that people are equal, while often also the parents need to be educated. If they threaten people they may be prosecuted. Further, migrants who arrive here should follow an integration course to learn people here are equal, including LGBTs and women and those who don't like this can return/are sent back to the conservative country they try to escape to find a better life.

The result: enemies of this anti-discrimination organisation understood immediately the opportunity to repeat their message that such an organisation is not needed. I agree, we don't need to spend money on organisations that seem to accept and even defend inequality; instead, they should try harder to convince people they should also accept people who are different. And thus, extreme right (i.e. often defenders of the old Europe with Christian values although some became extreme because of their experience with others), extreme Islam but also extremist Jews are joined with some who are known as progressives but who are prepared to sacrifice our values as long as it pleases and unites religious people, even when they hate each other for worshipping the wrong God. Still, people from other backgrounds should remember that many LGBTs were the first to defend them against racism as they understood what it means to be rejected by society.

And thus yes, the persons in this article and another are right: we don't need to accept a return to the past, the present is much nicer for everyone. Thus, we need to speak out against those who say we should accept inequality. Therefore, LGBT prides are still needed whereby also straight people can join to show other straight people their hate is not wanted.

A small detail: this priest also thinks that people should not complain that Molenbeek is dirty, those who don't like this can stay away. But dirty places are neglected neighbourhoods that keep people in poverty as shops fail to attack customers while they radicalise people as it makes them angry. Only more bins and street cleaners will already result in more respect for the area while fines for those who continue to throw rubbish on the streets. Any person who loves the place where they live want to keep that place clean. But I admit, some of these areas already improved and more are cleaned.

Dirty streets keep people in poverty while the middle and higher class leave so the commune receives less revenues


It's not only in Belgium, also elsewhere we seem to walk back in time although in the end we will move forward. For instance, in Birmingham, UK, some parents protest in the name of their religion against programs that educate their children that they should view everyone as equals (these parents also complain they are not seen as equal and indeed, hate towards them is growing). And the worse is that some politicians agree that parents should be able to block that their children learn to respect everyone, no matter their skin colour, gender and sexuality.

And thus I agree with this politician: LGBTs but also many straight people will not tolerate a return to the past. Europe must defend its values and these are different from those of the past. Thus, politicians and people involved must defend the equality we created, to a large extend because some groups of people were very badly treated in the past.

I hope the message of this British LGBT politician will not only educate persons in the UK but also help to change those working at certain Belgian anti-discrimination organisations. Indeed, although I accept they may mean well, they should argue in favour of a fair and modern society in which everyone can live as equals. Otherwise we have to wait even longer than 50 years before such a society is possible when each new migrant is given 50 years to integrate. It also shows not only children need this education but equally their parents and other adults in order to prevent these children receive opposing information so they grow up as confused adolescents who may flip after which their parents question what did they wrong?

Stonewall, 50 years ago, start of the liberation of humanity

50 years Stonewall riots. Discussed in many media. We rightly remember the people who stood up against police violence and in particular we need to thank (black) transgender people, often not only looked down at by straight but also by many LGBs unless they perform a drag act. Credit to those who deserve credit: the NY police department recently apologised for their unjust violence used against people who didn't do wrong except that they had a night out in a gay bar although it seems some still abuse their powers. Nevertheless, an apology is the first step to change while Belgium's anti-racism organisation can learn something from NY's police (while you would expect the reverse). And yes, because of the LGBT liberation we no longer need to meet in bars run by the maffia.

This is likely the 50 years to which the woman on the radio referred to. And yes, 50 years ago was the beginning and while it started slowly, the acceptance of LGBTs accelerated because people accepted the argument that indeed love is love, whether between men and women, men and men and women and women, it is always better than people who fight and wars during which people are hurt or even killed. And thus, within a short period of the last 30 years, most people accepted that people are equal and should only be punished when they hurt others. Of course, still some people disagree and they become more vocal as they notice fewer people agree with them. It was also a time when many people started to leave religion and today many churches became empty and have to close. Today, even many Muslims accept LGBTs and women rights can no longer be reversed as they met different kind of people while others stuck together so didn't meet other people unless necessary and thus still think as Mr Leman does: don't come in our territory unless you want to take the risk to be hurt. The problem with Mr Leman is that he was responsible to help people to accept others while his recent comments suggest he accepts they don't. Even when he may mean well, he of all people should be able to formulate what he says in a correct manner so afterwards other people can use his answer to correct the behaviour of others. An answer could have been that, unfortunately but the anti discrimination organisation is still needed today as still not everyone accepts others as they are.

This liberation also liberated straight people who no longer have to be sad they have an LGBT child; recently even Prince William spoke he wouldn't mind when his children are LGBT, a revolution for royals to say this openly. Or they don't need to discover they are married with someone who lives a lie. But also straight men and women can be themselves, a little too feminine or masculine (such as men can now use aftershave), it doesn't matter as they can be who you are and don't live an unhappy life trying to pretend to be different.

In summary, 50 years ago the world started to change for the better although today sometimes it seems many prefer the past. As I wrote before, we're moving from a male dominated universe to a male-female one but the male will resist losing his powers.


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