Return Isis children - Yes - Their parents - No

Belgium returned six children of ISIS / Daesh fighters back to Belgium. I agree. These children are victims of parents of whom some kidnapped their own daughters so they could be raped to produce children to kill while others were born out the devils pact parents signed to breed children to indoctrinate so they will fight till death. And thus, children are victims and should be helped. Of course, upon their arrival our society needs to reprogram them by telling these children that we want to help them so they can have a good life while their parents wanted them death. Compare with Germany after WWII where children, even adults, were still able to become good people after the defeat of Hitler. And yes, the children will be monitored and supervised.

The question is what to do with the parents. As I wrote earlier (although only recently published), although some people went to Syria to fight against Syria's president Assad as they saw how he slaughtered civilians, even children, by using illegal weapons such as gas, many others went because they think fighting on ISIS' side means fighting a good case. Further, I think that when they fight with Isis this means they unknowingly support Assad's case as often I have the impression Assad and Isis help each other. But, killing innocent people because you think your ideology is the only correct one is wrong and this should be said to children at schools to prevent some may become mad people who think they should fight for the wrong case.

Therefore, I think children of those fighters should be helped to return to safety unless unfortunately, they're too much indoctrinated and may become a danger. However, I think certainly the fighters who went voluntarily should be trialed in the country where they committed crimes against humanity and thus not return them first. Europe can send military judges (it is a war situation) to help local judges while the trials should be public so people can hear what certain people did to other humans. If persons are found guilty and the country decides the penalty is death, let it be. At least people who suffered from those Daesh fighters will have justice while these fighters can't commit new crimes when they return to European countries. Some criminals may even survive when they were good to locals.

What to do with children who may lose parents in these trials? Public trials mean they know why people who suffered from their parents crimes decided their punishment was death in the worse cases. Nuremberg after WWII is the example. Who are we to deny justice to victims of psychopaths of whom many still believe they fight a just war and who will continue to fight until their death? In case another few more attacks by extremists in Europe or America, and certainly when they come from Isis territories, than this may result in a further rise of extreme right in Europe and they may punish everyone, not only those who returned to Europe but any person who looks foreign or defense foreigners or simply is someone they don't like.

And thus, not many countries want to retake their Isis fighters as they remain dangerous so I think they will remain for a while in those camps. If Assad wins the war, I don't think he will have mercy with the foreign Isis fighters unless they are useful to him (while local Daesh fighters may be part of his strategy to sabotage groups that fight against Assad and in the end may reintegrate into Assad's army). Another possibly is that a Western coalition destroys the camps with Isis fighters and their family (but then the West will be seen as evil, certainly when children are victims and thus we should try to prevent harm to children) or locals may do the job when they are fed-up with the terror of Isis and when Isis becomes sufficiently small so ordinary people dare to fight against then (in this case the West is not to blame and thus this may be the ideal solution). Still, I think it is important that innocent children can return home in good circumstances before the Isis fighters may become worse when they notice they are not on the winning side and later Assad's army (in case he wins) may want revenge for the fighting and killing of family and friends.


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