(10k) Alabama introduced an almost absolute ban on abortion

When selfish powerful people are in power, people will suffer. We're walking backwards in time, at least for now.

Yes, contraceptives should be promoted as the first solution against pregnancy so the numbers of abortions can be as low as possible. But, rape, serious illness of unborn baby or the pregnant mother and in some cases even unwanted pregnancy may all justify abortion. And now in Alabama, the opponents of abortion introduced a very effective ban: 99 years imprisonment if doctors act and thus few may do, even when an abortion may be the only way to save a woman's life. Only 25 persons, all white men, introduced this ban. On the radio I heard a black man saying that now children, his daughter, who are raped will have to look at a child they didn't want and that will remind them about the horror that happened and this why the child exists. These white guys are discrediting many things we have today because white people introduced them such as the right for abortion when this is needed but also sex education with information about contraception and accepting who you are, whether straight, gay, transgender,... . But, it proofs each society has its fools, whether amongst black people as white supremacists will say, or amongst white people as these politicians and people who vote for them proof.

Because, don't forget, these people who are against abortion are often the same who are against contraceptives. They already managed to reduce finance for birth control programs in developing countries but afterwards complain too many migrants are coming. 樂. Often they are also those in favour of weapons on the streets, against many drugs, certainly drugs that help people with mental problems while many of these people don't mind to terminate people with mental problems when they do something wrong while they don't want to invest a single cent on their treatment. Yes, they are proof each society has its fools.


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