(18h) The Black Panther movement

An interesting the Guardian article about the Black Panthers. The Black Panthers was a movement in the USA that was quiet radical in their struggle for equal treatment between white and non-white and more specifically black people; some members even murdered. They were radical because for them the peaceful movements didn't achieve much. And although their radicalism even alienated people who agreed everyone should be treated as equals, it also made clear something was wrong.

The article describes how some of its members are today almost 50 years in prison, some understandable as they murdered but also as a warning to other black people to not demand too much to avoid punishment and the result is that due to frustration, black people often oppose each other, even today. Still, not only black people who used aggression to show their anger were put in prison or killed, also peaceful leaders such as Dr Martin Luther King were taking great risks when they demanded black people were treated the same way as white people; indeed, even Dr King was murdered although this caused a change in many white people's mind and is yearly remembered.

Read books written by e.g. James Baldwin to understand the bad treatment of African Americans and how for many black people it was almost impossible to escape their destiny of being low class citizens with fewer opportunities. (The description "African American" already suggests they are not considered to be real Americans while we don't speak about "European American" to describe white people but simply call them (real) "Americans".) This resulted and to some extend still does in many demotivated youngsters whom considered school is a waste that results in a worthless degree while they can earn more when they join gangs and gain prestige and thus respect by some, even praised in certain songs, while many remain minor criminals. On the other hand, as more black people rise to higher positions and even can become president of the mightiest country, they show others that today education can be the path to a more respectful life.
Something similar happened in South Africa where black civil right persons no longer accepted that black people are lesser humans and thus demanded equal rights. They were imprisoned for decades such as Mr Nelson Mandela while others were murdered because people who demanded equal rights were considered dangerous individuals. Even today, after Mr Mandela became South-Africa's first black president in 1994, inequality continues that results in people who become more radical and thus vote for more radical people such as Mr Julius Malema who also opposes what are considered corrupt black politicians such as the previous president.

Mainly black anger towards white people and mainly white men and their positions although there is hope as many white people today understand the anger by many non-white people and also protest for a more equal society.
Indeed, a good article to gain some understanding why many black people are still angry today, even a good inside for some (multi)millionaire black artists as some don't seem to understand why black people were angry (was slavery not a choice?) and therefore united in the Black Panthers for which they risked a life in prison or even death. Indeed, today's movement "Black Lives Matter" are also considered by some as a criminal organisation as people demand equality via street protests and thus for some the movement is dangerous and should be banned. And I do not defend the use of violence, but, unfortunately, sometimes that is the only way that can bring changes - or even more oppression to break the movement. Throughout history revolutions changed the course of history.

Of course, there are always two sides on such a story as the reaction of one family of the Black Panthers' victims shows because they can't forgive the murderer of the policeman who belonged to their family. Still, during the US's civil war many white people died when they fought each other because they defended the right that black people should be free; even a president was murdered as he stood for the abolishment of slavery and also this black people should not forget. Also today many white people protest against unfair treatment of black people. Compare this with Europe that, although it often claims to be superior, consists of countries that conquered many parts of the world and murdered or enslaved the populations while even in Europe these countries often fought wars during territorial disputes during which many of their own people died such as during WWII while the USA came to defeat the wrong side. The result of our past colonisation (and television programs) is that today refugees search refuge in the West to escape economic and/or political misery in their own countries. But, not only in the USA but also in many other parts of the world such as in Brazil and South Africa are coloured people angry as they question why, for instance white people still have the best grounds that most don't want to share with black people with the argument they inherited it from their parents (who took it away from the locals) but also that black people can't produce as much as white people and thus white people should teach them and thus gaining respect.

Other movements that expresses anger

Those who say black people should no longer complain, the "Me too" and "Bring back our girls" movements are similar because women are angry that equal rights between men and women are still not completely achieved and in some parts of the worlds women have no rights at all. This is partly the reason why many Westerners fear migrants and fear that hard fought acquired rights may be reversed and for this reason voted for Mr Trump or Brexit. Still, many men claim women in our society should no longer complain even when inequality in for instance wages between men and women for similar work still exist. On the other hand, if more women would unite and for instance vote for women during elections instead of considering them as competitors or even enemies, women would be further. Similar with black people who should vote, even when there are two white candidates or they should not complain afterwards that the wrong candidate won. Previous US president Barack Obama is right on this.

Indeed, for too long have white, mainly but not exclusively, men ruled (directly or indirectly) almost the whole world without taking much into account what locals or women thought although some locals and women sided with the white men against their own people. This resulted in movements with angry people. And thus now, and certainly in the West, coloured people but also women are angry because it takes too long before they reach the same level as white men. Because of this anger, today many (white) men experience they can do little good. Indeed, certainly white men need to humble themselves and even slowdown their own progress towards higher position so others can progress quicker to reach equality or many (mostly white) men (but also the women) may face the consequences of the anger, even when many (white) men defend instead of harass coloured people and women. A turning point is always a dangerous moment as ambitious people battle with each other for the best position because they find their own progress too slow.


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