Vegetarian pasta

Another dish, quickly prepared and nice: a vegetarian pasta.


Red peppers (paprika)
Yellow hot pepper
Red peppers (paprika) sauce
Olive oil


Cut the red pepper, fennel and mushrooms into small pieces. Place the red pepper and fennel in a pan with hot olive oil. After some time, add the mushrooms and stir so all sides are cooked while it prevents the food from burning. Depending how crisping you prefer the vegetables, heat them for a shorter or longer time in the pan.

Just before the vegetables are fine, add pieces of tomato, yellow pepper (if you like it hot) and garlic to the vegetables as well as some red peppers sauce and some herbs such as pepper and continue to heat for a short time while mixing the food. These vegetables don't need a very long time to cook and therefore are added at the end.

While preparing the vegetables, cook the pasta for the suggested time as mentioned on the packaging.

In the end, add the pasta on a plate, add some cheese so it can melt and the sauce with vegetables. Enjoy your food.


You may like more colours by adding some green vegetables such as broccoli. Also some spinach can be used; however, add the leaves in the sauce almost at the end so they don't overcook.


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