Pasta with baby corn and broccoli

A new veggie dish, this time again with pasta.


Baby corn
Red and yellow pepper
all'Arrabbiata sauce
(Hot chilly) Olive oil
Herbs can also be used if wanted (the sauce may already contain enough herbs so no more needs to be added)


First start boiling water in which the pasta will be boiled (I used Gnocchi but also other pasta types can be used according to what you prefer or is available at home). Ones the water boils, add the pasta and, according to the cooking instructions that differ according to type of pasta, boil until the pasta is ready.

While the water is warming, prepare the vegetables: cut the baby corn and peppers in pieces while take some branches of the broccoli. Wash all vegetables well before use to wash away any pesticides but also harmful infectious species such as bacteria (that may be present because of the droppings of birds).

Freshly picked red and yellow peppers (I expected the yellow pepper much spicier)

Heat oil in a baking pan and ones hot, add the baby corn while reduce the heat to prevent the oil remains too hot and burns the corn. Use a spoon to turn the corn on a regular basis to prevent it from burning on one side but allow it to remain long enough on one side so it gets a nice brown colour. After a short time, add the pieces of peppers and continue to prevent the vegetables burn.

Also add the broccoli to boiling water so they can soften; the time depends on how soft you prefer the vegetables to be. I try to have the stems that are the hardest parts of the broccoli in the water while the flowery parts above so the water boils the stem while the steam boils the flowers. Cook until the broccoli is almost ready, then remove the water.

Ones the baby corn and peppers are almost ready, add the all'Arrabbiata sauce (depending upon the brand it can be mild to hot spicy) and mix the vegetables with the sauce. Then add the pieces of broccoli but don't mix completely so there is a nice combination of red and green. The heat of the sauce prevents the broccoli gets cold but also allows that the almost ready broccoli can continue to get ready (I made sure the stems were in the sauce so they can continue to soften a little more).

Finally, after the pasta is soft, I remove the water and put the pasta on a plate after which I add the sauce with vegetables on top. Then I add some pieces of cheese on top of the hot pasta so it melts slightly. Finally, I add some small tomatoes and the meal is ready. Bon appetite.

Finished meal. I also added some small tomatoes.


Changes to this dish are possible such as adding or replacing some vegetables with others. E.g. some nuts can be added as well as onions (preferable spring onions as these add to the colours while only briefly baked). Also the addition of some mushrooms can be nice. One dish, so many possible variations.


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