I fancied another gratin with potatoes in a cheese sauce but with other ingredients then before.


Red pepper
Red beetroot


First, cut the potatoes in small pieces and boil until almost ready.

Then cut the beetroot, onion and red pepper in pieces while split the broccoli. Do some butter at the bottom of a backing plate so it is less likely the food will stick to the bottom and add the pieces of vegetables (indeed, I didn't cook the vegetables in advance as they will in the oven without coming out the oven overcooked) as well as the boiled potatoes (the latter can already steam the other vegetables a little).
Potatoes, red pepper, beetroot, broccoli and onion

Now prepare the cheese sauce using cheese and milk. Add herbs according to taste (e.g. some pepper and dried thyme and basil but also cayenne pepper). Pour the sauce over the vegetables and add some grated cheese on top before adding in the oven until ready (i.e. a brown topping).

With cheese sauce and out of oven


Enjoy your meal but be careful as it can be very hot. Of course, also other vegetables can be added such as mushrooms while some cold green leaves such as spinach can be used as decoration.


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