Potato dish with vegetables

I prepared something nice today, and although it is not difficult, it is not for people who are very hungry or in a hurry because the preparations take some time. What do we need?


Red pepper
(Olive) oil
Salt, pepper and herbs


This time, the pictures speak for themselves although with some comments.

Mix the pieces of (uncooked) red pepper, courgette, chicory and baked peanuts in a pan that can stand the heat of an oven. I also covered the pan with some olive oil to prevent that the food sticks to the sides.
Add the pieces of boiled potatoes on top of the other vegetables.
Pore the cheese sauce (in which I added some salt, pepper and herbs according to my taste) over the vegetables, add some pieces of cheese on top and some oil.
Place in hot oven (I used 200°C) until a nice brown crispy top appears. This results also in cooked vegetables.
On a plate, here together with a baked an eggs. Very nice - bon appetite.


As always, here some suggestions to have some changes. Also (green) asparagus can be used as well as carrots. But equally, leek is very nice and results in a nice taste.


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