Indian food with Western mixture

After a long silence, a new vegetarian recipe - this time using an Indian recipe, mixed with my own ideas.

A can of Punjabi Chatpate Choley
Brussels Sprout
Almond nuts

This section is short as it is not too difficult to prepare this food, unless you also prepare the Indian part.

First, I start cooking the rice (heat a little oil before adding the rice and some dried herbs, mix and finally add water so it can boil until the rice is ready and the water gone).

Then, I boil Brussels Sprouts and potatoes. I also fry in a pan small pieces of onions together with almond nuts while using some herbs and salt and pepper according to taste. The cooked Brussels sprout are also added for a short time to the onions to improve their flavour.

I empty the can of Punjabi Chatpate Choley into a pot and heat on a mild fire. The main ingredients are curried chick peas in a richly spiced hot sauce. As soon as the sauce is warm, I add the other vegetables, gentle mix everything in the sauce and leave it so it can cook a little longer.

In the meanwhile, I fry the potatoes in a little oil in a frying pan so they get a lovely crispy outside (I know, it is against convention to eat rice and potatoes at the same time but better to enjoy life than get old in misery). I served the potatoes separately but equally they can be mixed under the sauce.

The end result.

Ready to serve. Of course, people can also eat together with some salade, including some slices of tomatoes and some yoghurt to cool the mouth from eating the spicy sauce. Bon appetit.


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