Isis - a threat

Finally, there have been a few air strikes using drones by the Americans on Isis rebels while Europe, close by, looked and approved. As a result, thousands of people who were stuck on a mountain were saved. But, because of the strikes an American journalist was beheaded and thus we continue fighting Isis as we notice they are very extreme. And although Isis had to retreat in one region, around Baghdad they continue to advance. Iraqi's leaders replaced their weak and divisive PM Maliki as the West demanded (although it seems we first supported him so he could alienate a large proportion of his people and as a result they (Sunni) started to join the enemy) because we promised help ones the Iraqi would unite. But after they replaced their PM and beg us for help, we hesitate because we don't want to become involved again in another war in Iraq although helping one specific population may create even more tensions. But, we should realise the situation is differently as now Iraqis are asking for help to save them and thus we would be welcomed as liberators who fight together with the Iraqi army against Isis while afterwards we don't need to stay. Indeed, Isis should be destroyed before it forces more people to join them or they are killed; waiting longer means killing more people who only joined Isis to save their own and their family's life. Thus for ones, I agree with the Republicans that air strikes against Isis should be expanded and their leaders killed before Isis becomes too much of a danger and too widespread as they may have captured even more weapons. Also the UN calls for actions.

Europe also decided to help by arming the Kurds but I don't favour this manner because that will mean even more weapons in the region and thus certainly more troubles to come. I prefer the use of drones as they can be effective while with few casualties on our side. Of course, innocent people can die but fewer than when Isis may win if I can believe what I read in newspapers about their barbarism. And if Isis wins, they will turn on us, their enemy, and thus probably we can't escape being involved. Therefore, when we realise how evil a certain group is while people ask help, we should help as then we can become friends. Of course, some will oppose but help doesn't mean staying in the country so many people will appreciate our help. And those who oppose any help may do so in our countries; still, doing nothing now is also no option because if many people may be killed by Isis while we didn't help it may anger even more people.

But there are also already voices in the West who claim we should have been on the side of Assad, although others oppose rightly so. I don't agree with joining Assad because leaders can't support a dictator and keep him in power to keep a violent group down (there was a reason why people stood up against him, i.e. he made his people suffer). If Assad had accepted to organise free elections, troubles may still have arisen but they may have been smaller. Only because he suppressed his people and favoured some above others (divide and rule last only until people have enough of it), people started hating each other. If he had ruled correctly, maybe there wouldn't have been any troubles. In addition, how come these rebels have so many weapons and are so effective? Why, if they claim to fight against president Assad, do they move to Iraq? Indeed, there are some doubts and thus I think we should very well study who are the supporters of Isis behind the scene. If some in the West may one day indeed support Assad in the hope he will destroy Isis, let's hope the weapons will not go to Isis so they become stronger to fight his opponents. Or Assad may destroy Isis ones he no longer needs them so we believe he is on our side and thus he can continue fighting the rebels in his country. Indeed, paranoia will continue to rule the world over the next years whereby no one may thrust anyone anymore. That is why we need very good Intelligent Agency, not to spy on human right organisations or on those who want to protect the environment but to find out who is behind Isis and other evil organisations. Then we can make the right judgements on who to help and who not.

As Sunni were ignored and even opposed by ex-PM Maliki after the defeat of Saddam Hussein, many started to join Isis for help but maybe also to regain some lost powers. Is the plan of certain evil individuals to destroy Isis ones sufficient numbers of Sunni joined them and after they attacked Baghdad so a legal genocide can happen as Isis, indeed an evil organisation, will be rightfully destroyed? Religious wars always bring out the most evil in humans because it is all about power. The people need help now, not if they are death. And help when it will be too late will be considered by many as not having helped. Already people are questioning why certain people in Iraq receive help while others don't. If Isis may capture Baghdad and slaughter many people, any help given may result in anger. Indeed, during such an emergency that can threaten the stability of a whole region and maybe even the world, politicians should not go on holidays but organise meetings to discuss the situation or not pretend they want to be major players on the world stage (even pretending to be on holiday can cause people to worry). Because ordinary people rely on their leaders.


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