A veggie meal for if you are in a hurry

Here I present a dinner for those people who have not much time because they have to go out meeting friends and family. Bon appetit.


Salt, pepper and some herbs
Capellini (or angel hair pasta (is very thin spaghetti))


Starts boiling water to heat the pasta. Salt can be added but also adding a vegetarian bouillon cube is also a great way to give flavour to the noodles. While the water is heating, cut courgette and onion in small cubicles (take as many as needed per person, for instance I had a quarter on a courgette and a small onion). Also wash the (baby) spinach so all vegetables are ready to use for cooking.

Then, heat oil or butter in a pan and add the peanuts so they can become crispy. Next add the courgette pieces and after they are slightly brown on one side, add and mix the onion pieces with the nuts and courgette pieces. Also, according to taste, add salt, pepper and herbs as well as garlic to the vegetables. Around this time, the water is boiling and the noodles can be placed in the water for a few minutes (they are very rapid soft as they are very thin). Finally, add the spinach to the vegetables and mix all well but be sure not all spinach gets soft. During the final minutes, take the pasta out the water and mix them with the vegetables while the pan is on the fire. After a very short time, place everything on a plate and the best way to eat this dish is with the use of shop sticks.

A nice dish, quick to prepare and lovely while not very heavy (afterwards, you may feel hungry again very quickly and thus you can have a small snack for afterwards, such as some fruit (e.g. strawberries) on ice-cream or on yogurt).

Suggestions to improve

If you have some tomatoes at home, you can cut one in pieces or you can use some cherry tomatoes and add them on top of the dish. This causes a good contrast between the warm and cold food but also the red tomatoes will contrast nicely with the green. For those who prefer warm tomatoes, add the tomato pieces during the final minutes with the dish so the tomato pieces are slightly warm without falling apart. Also the addition of some pieces of hot pepper can be great for those who prefer a little more spicy food.


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