Vegetarian pasta

Today, I prepared myself a nice vegetarian spaghetti. As I found it was delicious while the preparation was not that difficult and long, I share how I prepared the sauce although only briefly because most people know how to prepare spaghetti sauce in one or another variation and thus only need some brief descriptions to be able to prepare the sauce for themselves.


Red and yellow peppers
Hot peppers
Goat cheese
Olive oil (including containing hot pepper oil)
Dried herbs according to taste
Vegetarian minced 'beef'
Fine cut tomato sauce


I used only half the red and yellow peppers, courgette and aubergine which I cut in pieces (seize according to taste as small taste slightly different compared with large). Then I heated the oil, most of it normal olive oil but some containing hot peppers as I like spicy food. I added some peanuts so they can harden a little before adding the aubergine. After a few minutes, I added the courgettes so that all could fry a little. Next I added the pieces of pepper and some herbs such as basil and pepper but also salt. After a few minutes, depending whether you like the vegetables still a little crispy or soft, I finished the heating.

Vegetables after I finished frying them in oil.

Then I added the tomatoes (two cans) in a pot and heated them. As I was in the mood of spicy food, I also mixed the pieces of to two small hot peppers with the tomatoes. I also added some herbs including small pieces of two garlic cloves. This I heated for a short time before adding the vegetarian 'beef' (normally I don't use this as using more vegetables instead of this 'beef' is also great). This I continued heating for another ten minutes.

Tomato sauce with vegetarian 'beef' and some tomato pasta to give a more intense red colour.

Finally, I boiled water to cook the spaghetti. During this process, I also added some flour (first dissolved in a little water) to the tomato sauce to bind it a little. During the final minutes of the preparation of the sauce, I added the vegetables so they can continue cooking a little further while flavour the sauce. I also added a little goat cheese in my sauce so it could melt as I like this flavour although most people may prefer to add cheese on top of the spaghetti (preferably Italian Parmesan). The sauce on top of the prepared spaghetti looks nice and I enjoyed it very much.

Ready to eat.


It is also possible to add other vegetables to prepare the sauce such as carrots although not everyone is a fan of their sweat taste. In addition, a green leaf of celery or basilica or another vegetable can be placed on top of the spaghetti to have a little more colour. Further, the sauce can be kept frozen until needed when in a hurry.


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