Potatoes in a gratin with vegetables

Potatoes, not my favourite food unless fried in oil or butter or smashed or in a gratin as I describe here.

  • Potatoes
  • Butternut
  • Onion
  • Mushrooms
  • Peanuts
  • Garlic
  • (Hot peppers)
  • Herbs such as pepper, dry basil, ...

First, I cut the potatoes in relatively thin layers before boiling them although not too much as they will continue cooking in the oven.

All the next frying is done in olive oil although also other oils or butter can provide a great taste to the food.

While the potatoes are boiling, I cut part of the butternut in small pieces and fry them in oil so they become slightly soft without being overcooked while they get a nice slightly brown outside. Halfway the cooking, I add some herbs and garlic (this can change according to taste).

Next I slightly fry some pieces of mushrooms and afterwards some peanuts and pieces of onion, while I add some herbs and garlic halfway through so they get a lovely flavour (don't need to be the same herbs as those on the pieces of butternut so different pieces have different flavours).

Ones the potatoes are ready I place them at the bottom of a heat-resistant plate. On top, I add the butternut and onion pieces with peanuts as well as the slightly fried but also some uncooked pieces of mushrooms as they have different flavours.

Can also be eaten at this stay, cold or warm.
Finally, I prepare the cheese sauce in which I add some pieces of hot pepper as I like it spicy but also some other spices. Then the sauce is added over the pieces of vegetables and potatoes so that everything is covered. As finishing tough I add some cheese on top of the dish before I place the plate in the oven so the vegetables can continue boiling a little longer while the cheese can get a nice brown topping. Don't use the grill unless at the very last because the top may burn while the rest may not have heated yet.

Adding the cheese sauce gives the future meal a look as if it needs more cooking.
While the dish is in the oven, I fry some vegetarian pieces Quorn prepared with herbs that I will serve together with potatoes and vegetables. These pieces are not necessary but the dish becomes a little more diverse and thus appetising. They can also be bought in a number of different tastes and thus can contrast or add to the rest of the meal.

Just out the oven. If I had more time it would have looked even better as now I had to use the grill to speed the colouring.
Enjoy your meal. And don't forget to try to have the brown crust at the top of the dish, not as in the picture mixed under the sauce.

Ready to be eaten. The only missing part is some celery or another green tasty leave.
PS. As always, you can add or remove according to taste. For instance, some spinach can be added to the dish as is often done in lasagna. The butternut, quite sweat, can be replaced with carrots as they too are sweat. Or whatever your liking. Also red and yellow peppers (not hot) can be used.


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