Italian food, so nice, even when self prepared

Today, I prepared something Italian. I loved it and therefore want to share it.


Almond and pine nuts
Green asparagus
Wok mix
Pasta: Mezzelune con verdure alla griglia
Olive oil and spicy olive oil

Let's start ...

The pasta are mezzelune filled with basil, spinach and grilled vegetables including courgette and aubergine. I bought it prepared in a package and only needed to boil it for about 3-4 min but if you really like cooking, you may try to prepare it yourself (I won't).

In addition, I decided there needed some extra vegetables so I can use the pasta spread over two days. Therefore, I cut some green asparagus in half and some mushrooms in small pieces. I also used mixed sprouting vegetables called "wok mix". Finally, I cut a garlic in small pieces.

Some of the ingredients, i.e. "wok mix", mushrooms, green asparagus and garlic together with the pasta

While I started heating the water, I added some spicy oil and normal olive oil (according to taste can the amount differ) in a baking pan. Then I added the almond nuts and after a short time, I also added the mushrooms and asparagus (I use green asparagus as for me their taste is much better but of course, white asparagus can also be used). After a short period, I added the mok mix and used some herbs according to taste.

In the meanwhile, the water started boiling and I added half the package of pasta for about 4 min so the pasta became soft. I also added the garlic pieces and pine nuts to the other vegetables as they only need a short time to get ready.

Finally, I removed the pasta from the water and placed them on my plate after which I added the mixture of vegetables on top of them. With all those colours, it looked delicious. And it tasted as it looked.

Delicious meal, both for its looks and its taste.

Some other suggestions

As I mentioned in the article, I only used half of the pasta so tomorrow, I can have another dish. Of course, two times the same is a little boring and one gets tired of the meal. Therefore, I will replace some of the vegetables, for instance the asparagus with green beans and maybe also add some tomato pieces at the end of the cooking so they will be a little but not too soft. I may also replace the nuts with (or add in addition) cashew nuts so there is something a little harder.

And although I didn't add cheese, as we all know that can always be used with pasta.


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