Abdication of a King and installation of a new King in Belgium

Today, King Albert abdicated during Belgium Independence day. It was the first time a Belgium King voluntarily abdicated, although poor health forced him.

Later that day, King Albert's oldest child Crown Prince Philippe/Filip (name in the two main languages of the country, i.e. French and Dutch) became King Philippe/Filip I, seventh king of the kingdom of Belgium.

The King's wife is now Queen Mathilde. They have four children, of which Princess Elisabeth is the eldest. Thus, if Belgium continuous to exist, the next monarch should be a Queen, the first time in Belgium's history that a woman will be Head of the country. The other three children are Prince Gabriel, Prince Emmanuel and Princess Eléonore.

King Philippe/Filip's sister Princess Astrid and brother Prince Laurent and their partners were also present.

I wish King Philippe/Filip wisdom in his new job so that he can guide the Belgians as they wish to be guided. It will not always be easy.


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