Vegetarian food can be so nice

Today I prepared myself something lovely: a vegetarian rice dish. I will share the ingredients and some pictures.
The ingredients were green asparagus (much more taste than the white ones that never saw the sun), oyster mushrooms (of course others can also be used but these I like very much as they have a great taste), peanuts, goat cheese, red hot pepper, garlic and rice. The asparagus and mushrooms were cut in pieces, as were the pepper and garlic.

Nuts, asparagus and pepper.
Addition of mushrooms.

First I heated oil before adding the peanuts as they need some time to become crisp. Then I added the asparagus as they were quite big pieces and thus needed time to soften. I also added the pepper so their taste would be absorbed by the asparagus. I flavoured by adding mixed herbs and some black and white pepper and salt. After some minutes I added the mushrooms and this I let for many more minutes (the time depends on how thick the pieces are).

After the vegetables become soft, I added the garlic as these cannot be too long in hot oil or they burn. Finally I mixed cooked rice (cooked the day before: oil, garlic, then rice and herbs and after some minutes while stirring the rice water so the rice can cook until all water is absorbed by the rice and gone) with the vegetables and kept this quite some time in the pan so the rice could warm up, absorb the oil and its taste and become a little crispy.

Finally, I placed everything on a plate, added pieces of goat cheese and mixed all of it so some of the cheese could melt and moisture the rice a little while other pieces would remain and give their particular dry goat cheese taste to the dish. This I found very tasteful.

The end result ... bonne appetite.


Anonymous said…
That is delicious! I love rice and usually get great inspiration from Tilda Basmati 's website
Pascal said…
Thank you for this information. I had a look and the food looks delicious, although I haven't tried them yet.

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