(10c) Republican Congressman Tod Akin

Unbelievable, the Republican Missouri Congressman Tod Akin believes that women who are really ("legitimate") raped have a mechanism that prevents them becoming pregnant and thus they do not need abortion to end pregnancy after rape (see my views on abortion in an earlier article). Does this means that he thinks (without saying it out loud) that women who become pregnant during rape were not really raped but only had (rough?) sex. And it seems it was not the first time he found himself in troubles on issues about rape. At least he said that rapists should receive punishment (and probably he would be unforgiving).

Presidential candidate Mr Romney and his running mate, the conservative Mr Ryan, both fellow Republicans and also against abortion as well as other Republicans all rebuked Mr Akin and some Republicans even called on Mr Akin to step down. Indeed, many Republicans believe that abortion in certain circumstances should be allowed and a spokesman for Mr Romney stressed that "a Romney-Ryan administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape".

Of course, President Obama could not understand Mr Ryan's view on rape and said "rape is rape". Also other Democrats couldn't believe their ears when they heard Mr Akin.

This is the problem with religious people who are afraid of their God(s). They don't think logically and say stupidities. There is nothing wrong with being religious and as long as there is no scientific proof Gods do not exist we should not ridicule religious people because that makes them angry. But, then they should think before they speak because otherwise there is every reason to ridicule them and as Mr Akin did, they have to apologise because even they recognise their mistake (although as it is the second time he made a mistake on this issue it probably means he is not convinced about his mistake).

I find people should understand and accept someone is against abortion because indeed some people think about the child that will not be born. As I said in another article, I am also against abortion as a means of birth control because people can use contraception, mainly because abortion upsets people, is more expensive than the use of contraception and it takes away someones responsibilities for using contraception (whereby the use of condoms also reduces the risk for sexual diseases); however, I find it should be allowed in certain circumstances, amongst them rape. But here is another problem, many people who are against abortion are also against birth control, at least in public (although I think many of these people lie as I find it hard to believe they have only a few children because they practise abstinence (although it is possible their marriage is bad and/or they don't like sex)). These people should be honest with themselves and ask themselves following question: what would they do when their wife or daughter would be raped and become pregnant? Would they be able to say in earnest they would keep the baby? Or would they maybe also go to an abortion clinic because they don't want to remember everyday the rapist? Or would they not be able to answer this question?

Still, it may sounds unbelievable but many people share Mr Akin's views and think women are raped because of their behaviour and thus should keep the child or can't get pregnant. Many members of the Tea Party often talk about abortion like Mr Akin did and they are against contraception and many other things while as Mr Akin showed some in the Republican (and probably even in the Democratic) party share their views. What about Mrs Palin's views on abortion (she is a celebrity within the Tea Party movement)? Indeed, she is against abortion even when women are raped (President Obama was right when he said that "we shouldn't have politicians making health decisions for women" because even female politicians can be absurd about women's issues) and many hoped she would run for the highest American office during this years presidential election (although I have the impression she is not against contraception). Therefore, don't be too surprised if Mr Akin may get a higher percentage in votes than one would expect from voters who are normal reasoning people.

But not only in America, also in Europe and many other countries people exist with the same opinion. Therefore, Mr Akin is not the only person on this planet with his view regarding rape and abortion.

And regarding the fact that most women don't get pregnant after a rape, the reason is that women can only become pregnant during a few days in the month, i.e. when there is an ovulation. Thus rape outside that period will not result in a child. Therefore, are women not really raped when they are raped outside their ovulatory phase?


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