Back in Belgium

Since October 12th 2009 I work again in Belgium. I work in a school in Zaventem. There I teach chemistry, physics and biology to children in the fourth, fifth and sixth year of the secundary school. Some classes are well behaved and it is nice teaching, while in other classes the children are almost uncontrollable. I am still trying to find ways on how to improve the discipline in some classes. But then, other more experienced teachers also complain about some of these classes, so it is not really my fault but the problem that the children don't know how to behave.

From tomorrow onwards the exams start. It will be very busy with all those classes, and I have to correct until the last day of the exams. The next day I have to be in the school to discuss the results of the children. I hope they will not be too bad, otherwise I will probably receive complaints that I am a bad teacher (when children have good points it is because the children learn well; when the points are bad, the teacher is bad and not that the children don't study).

And after these two weeks: two weeks of so that I can prepare the lessons for after the christmas period.


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