African wedding

On Saturday, I was invited by a friend to join him for an African-style wedding. I arrived on time at his place, and had to wait about 4 hours before he and a friend of him were ready. By five, we were in Edgware, officially three hours late. However, it only just started (later some people complained about the late start).

Remi's friend, dressed up to impress.

People were nicely dressed, and family members were introduced to each other. This went on and on, however it was quite amuzing to watch. After about two hours, finally the groom was introduced together with his best friends. They had to perform some things (walking as soldiers, laying on the floor).

Finally, the bride arrived, also with her best friends. She too had to perform a little (although she did not had to lay down). In the meanwhile her new husband was sitting on his trone and watching. After another half hour they finally where sitting together.

Declaring each others their love.

In the meanwhile, food was served. I eat two different kinds of rice (of which one was spicy), some chicken (one spicy), a kind of banana and some brown beans. It was nice, although unusual food is always eaten with some suspicions by me. While I was eating, I was also introduced to the brides, and Remi's parents. I also met a few of his brothers.

It all ended with some dancing, but then we let. We were at home around 10pm.


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