Wedding Joery and Ines

Last Saturday I was in Belgium to visit my family and go to a wedding of a cousine. Ines, the daughter of uncle Marc and aunt Renee married Joery. Both were well dressed, but in particular she. She had not the usual white dress, but she wore a white trouser and white top, both of them contained some black flowers. He wore a sleafless top with tie. And they didn't come in a car but with a three-wealer motor. After the ceremony we were offered some champagne, and one of the few photos taken from me that day, together with my brother-in-law Jo in the background.

At 1:30pm the party started in their garden; we arrived about 30 min late (unusual for my father). The day started good with lots of sun. After a drink we went to the table for lunch. It was warm food in buffet-style. Later people continued drinking until the iceman arrived and most of us went for some ice. The photo shows uncle Marc having his ice. After the ice the dancing started on a number of different genres, from hub-le-pub over rock-and-roll to tango so that a large number of people have the type of music they like. During the dancing it started to poordown and, although we were in a tent, most of us were quite wet in the end. After about two hours the rain stopped. All this time we continued having fun. The day ended with onion-soup and we left around 1:30am, about 11 hours after we arrived.

It was a nice day. All the best to the couple!!


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