Easter weekend 2008.

There I am back. I went to Cotswold during the Easter weekend, together with Edward. We were invited by Gerard and Marc who rented a cottage. We arrived on the Saturday lunch time, and after shopping in Waitrose's (not cheap), and a lunch, we went for a walk. The area is hilly and beautiful. The photo shows us before the cottage and just before we left (me, Gerard, Marc and Edward). And of course, I took my D-SLR with me.

First we walk along a small river, then turned to the right and walked to the top of a hill. During the walk, we saw beautiful houses which were large and well fitting in the surrounding with the green hills. The higher we walked, the more we saw from the environnement and the more we enjoyed it.

And the weather: in the morning we had rain, not something you really want on a trip, however, in the afternoon the sun came out and it was beautiful. This can be seen on the left: the sun was appearing and some areas were still in shade. We walked further, saw some animals like donkeys and sheaps and enjoyed the walk in the nature. I was taking pictures, and thus always behind, and had to run back to them, I really enjoyed this.

That evening, I had to cook. I decided something to prepare what I also often get in Belgium and I was really looking forward too: chicken with pear, cranberry, chichory, Brussels sprouts and baked potatos. I really enjoyed the meal. Later we saw the movie "Breakfast with Tiffany" with Audrey Hepburn, a film we really liked. Then going to bed, and that was terrible. I didn't sleep during the whole night, tried to go to the toilet what didn't work until the morning and then I had to go lots of times. Strange things were floating on the water and I felt terrible. I was cramped the next day.

That day we went for a walk, now in the other direction. Again we saw the area with all the surrounding hills: beautiful. First there was a small church. Then we walked over a hill and saw the surrounding with here and there a house and for the rest lots of green hills. And as can be seen, some clouds in the sky but a beautiful afternoon. I have to say that the streets had quite a number of cars.

Later that evening, Marc had to cook Easter lunch, while Gerard had prepared a cake. We all enjoyed this lunch, and the chocolate cake was also very good.
Marc then had a rest, while Edward, Gerard and me went out for a walk in another direction, whereby we entered a small village with streets at different levels. Very nice. In the eveining, we played a game and then Edward cooked a very nice spaghetti with bolognaise like saus.

The next day, Edward and me went back to London (a trip of about two hours). We went for a lunch at Stockpot, a tea and finally a drink in Barcode Soho. Here we also saw Lucien. We had a nice evening. That night, again, I couldn't sleep.


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