Thursday, 20 March 2007

Thursday was a terrible day. I had a high heart beat. Derek, with whom I had lunch, and Lucia, two good friends from work, measured my blood pressure, and it was really high for my age, what explained why I felt uncomfortable. However, in the late afternoon, I started feeling better and in the evening I even could eat well and had a good night rest. I also bought my own blood pressure meter and everything was normal again. And a call to the GP resulted in the answer that I should make an appointment with the nurse, next Tuesday, to measure my blood pressure. It is now a holiday so patients are not important!

It started the night before. I met Lucien on Adam4Adam, a website, and we had a drink and lunch at his place. Later that night my heart started beating like hell and I could sleep only a few hours. The rest of the day was as described above.

Lucien is a nice black man, a little older than me. We had a lovely chat at Barcode Vauxhall and later at his place. He even made breakfast for me the next morning, so kind of him. We might meet again in future.

At the end of Thursday, I met Charles, one of my best friends. We went out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant and later went to Kudos, a bar I really liked in the past but since they changed the interior and music, most people I liked to meet there left and so did I. Charles had a telephone call and a guy would join. He is an actor, at the moment playing at 'The Arts Theatre' in Soho in 'The Viewing Room', a play I was planning to see, and now I even have more reasons to see it. I have to go next week as it will be my last chance.

Then I went home, and had a good night sleep. At this moment, I am feeling must better and also my blood pressure is about normal. Lets hope it will stay like this.



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